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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like A Phoenix From The Ash

One of the things I love most about working in the education world, as well as the theatre world, is the constant act of renewal. The year begins, the year ends. One show goes up, then it goes down. My summers are like an empty stage waiting to be filled with the promise of a new school year. That new school year starts tomorrow. I am terribly excited and nervous about it. I keep telling myself now what I am constantly telling my students before performances, "It's good that you are nervous, it means that you care." And care I do!
There are a number of things changing this year. I am more consistently and ambitiously integrating process drama into my classroom, I have (once again) reorganized my classes, and I am intent on seeking a professional development outlet that will let me sift through various ideas I might have without ruffling feathers on campus. The winds of change blow softly, and as many of us have recently experienced, too much wind causes unnecessary damage!
This is where this blog comes in. I'll be honest, this is my second attempt. The first was unfocused and quickly turned into an ugly venting site. I am not interested in this. Rather my hope is that people reading this blog may be able to help me sort out the many thoughts that bounce around this head of mine. Whether you are a teacher, parent, artist, student, or simply an interested passerby I hope you'll join me in a discussion of those things that may be possible in a classroom devoted to the theatre and what it has to offer young minds.